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Antistatic Wheels

X-106 MiniOven Full Convection MiniOven designed for uniform re-balling and reflow of boards smaller than 4'' x 6''

XURB Universal Re-balling Unit
Re-balling Set allows solder balls to be restored to custom specified BGA or CSP components after residual solder has been removed.
X-BGA-DP - Dipping Plate System Set

FOCUS Series is a family of Convection Rework Systems for every application. The family includes Low Cost, simple models for basic tasks and Sophisticated, Programmable and Intelligent models for more complex rework.


  • All units remove and replace discrete, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, BGA and other SMD components
  • Closed-loop, PID, variable temperature control
  • Fully grounded and static-safe
  • Optical isolation with zero voltage switching
  • Over 60 standard nozzles available
  • Self contained or nitrogen/shop air versions

Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Pre-heater, which offers precise and accurate monitoring of process temperatures at a working point on a PCB. Also, allows pre-setting of exact temperature of air stream at the end of Hot Air Pencil Nozzle and at a tip of Soldering Iron.

The most advanced and powerful pre-heater for SMT REWORK and REPAIR offering full Process Control, increased rework speed, board protection and operator’s convenience.

Bench Top Magnifiers, SMART TWEEZERS, SMT Profiler, Personal Inspection Tool, Temperature Meters

Hot Air Pencil / Iron offers unique combination of convection and conduction tools. Wide range of air flow (0,5 to 4.5 l/min), indestructible heater, quiet operation.
The Hot Air Pencil family includes:
XmR Micro - Micro Rework System
XHP-300 - Hot Air Pencil/Iron
XHP-200 - Hot Air Pencil (Nitrogen)
XHP-N2 - Hot Air Pencil/Iron

XK-Series Tool Holders which provide X, Y and Q adjustments of hot air tool are designed to be mounted on a top platform of an SMT-ServiCE, X-1000 Series Under Board Heaters or XS ESD Base. The holder keeps an XHT Series Hot Air Tool in a vertical position for precise component removal and installation operations. The hot air tool is held vertically to the work platform and bottom edges of any nozzle mounted on the tool are horizontal to a PCB, which is in a board holder placed on the work platform. Rotate Z-axis Control Knob to raise or lower an XHT Series Hot Air Tool with a nozzle.

XIL-2 PCB Printed Circuit Board Illumination System to enhance SMT rework.
These are high efficiency, adjustable every possible way (height, rotation and tilt) illumination arms to provide focused light exactly where is needed during components replacement, inspection etc.

Temperature Data Logger for monitoring rework process.

Add-on Subsystems that Enhance Rework Precision and Save Time When Replacing Multiple Components
XIL-2 - High Intensity, long life Illumination System
XS-2 - ESD Base with Tool Holder allowing Z-axis Control

XU-5 - Open Frame Board Holder with X-Y micrometer positioning of PCB for boards up to 14" wide
XU-4 - Flip rack
XU-4L - Flip rack for large boardsĀ 
XU-1S - Universal, Retractable Board Holder for boards up to 12" wide
- Irregular Shape PCB Holder (Will handle boards up to 10" wide)
XCBH-1 - Board Holder for Cellular Phone Boards
XU-1, XU-2, XU-3 - Basic Retractable Board Holders for boards up from 12" to 21" wide.
X-BB1s - Basic Board Holder Set (Includes 2 XBB1 supports)
X-BB2s - Basic Board Holder Set (Includes 2 XBB2 supports)

XVP-200 - Vacuum Pick-Up System. Universal Vacuum Pick-Up Tool for manual placement of any kind of SMD components and components handling operations.
XVP-100 - Vacuum Pick-Up Pencil
XCP-01 - Semi-Automatic Vacuum Pick-up
XUT-1 - Universal Tripod
AVP-50 - Manual Vacuum Pick-Up Tool
and more....

XDP Series - Fluid Dispensing Systems. The unit is of modern construction and utilizes latest achievements in semiconductor and microprocessor control technology.
  • XDP-200D Digital Dispenser
  • XDP-100 Analog, Low Cost Dispenser
Single Component printing System
  • X-MicroPrint - A complete solution for single component printing. Precision alignment of the stencil facilitate quality pasting of single component pads.
  • XmP-1S MicroPrint Head Set
Other Dispensing Products:
  • X-BGA-DP - Dipping Plate System Set
  • MP-10K - Hand Dispensing Kit for Fluxes and Pastes
  • XNS-2 - Dispensing Tip Set
  • Dispensing Tips Tapered and Stainless Steel 1/2" Needles with Epoxy Hub

  • ST-76 and ST-77 High Quality Soldering Stands
  • A-PCB HOLD25 PCB Storage Rack (ESD)
  • Precision Tweezers
  • X-Wick Dispenser
  • PCB SuperCleaner Circuit Board Cleaner
  • SA-10 Solder Assist (6 pc set)
  • XF Series ESD Safe Bench Top Fume Absorber
  • ESD Tweezers with quick change Dissipative Tips
  • AMT-1.5 Antistatic Masking Tape, 1-1/2"W