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Antistatic Wheels

Application Notes

APNE-0001 Standards Related to Static ElectricityA listing of standards related to static electricity by several standards bodies with contact information given. Formerly ES-43
APNE-0003 Fieldmeter Measurement Techniques Using Monroe Electronics Model 1036 ProbesDiscusses standardization and accuracy effects due to convergent fields at probe.Formerly ES-39.
APNE-0004 Surface Resistivity Measurements of Narrow Tape Samples Using Model 272ADiscusses a technique for measuring surface resistivity of tapes or ribbons. Formerly ES-44.
APNE-0005 Suggested Literature References For ElectrostaticsA listing of books and standards applicable to Monroe Electronics’ electrostaticproducts. Further comprehensive reference listings may be found in the books cited.Formerly ES-33
APNE-0006 Technique for Calibration Check — Monroe Electronics Model 284 Graphic presentation of the calibration technique outlined in the Operator’s Manual.
APNE-0007 Isoprobe® Accuracy Limitations - BEWARE - STRAY ELECTROSTATIC COUPLINGDramatically illustrates effects of stray coupling and suggests prevention methods.Formerly ES-22
APNE-0008 Fieldmeter Measurement Technique for Hostile Environments Using a “Dipstick”Static measurement in fluidized beds, reaction vessels and pipelines.Formerly ES-36.
APNE-0009 268A ApplicationsThis guidebook provides step-by-step instructions for expanded use of the CPM for testing of ESD materials and for ESD demonstrations and education.
APNE-0010 A Novel Field Monitoring Technique to Protect an ESD Program InvestmentUse Model 248 Charged Body Detector with tape electrode for continuous monitoringof the effectiveness of your static control program.Formerly ES-30.
APNE-0011 "A Review Of Current Electrostatic Measurement Techniques And Their Limitations" Elucidates theory and practice of electrostatic fieldmeters and electrostatic voltmeters.Formerly LT- 19
APNE-0012 Comparison of Monroe Electronics’ Handheld FieldmetersCompares major features of 289, 281, 265A, 282IS and 282A
APNE-0013 Comparison of Monroe Electronics’ Resistance/Resistivity MetersCompares features of 264A, 291, 283, 262A and 272A
APNE-0014 Electrostatic charging in web converting.
APNE-0015 Electrostatic fileds and Fieldmeters in web converting.
APNE-0016 Static control in web converting.
APNE-0017 Plate Self Decay of Charged-Plate Monitors
APNE-0018 Balancing of Pulsed DC Air Ionizers Made Quick and Easy
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