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How to choose the best SMT Rework System Package?

X-KAR How to choose the best SMT Rework System Package?


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X-KAR™ Brand of SMT Rework and Assembly Equipment

Lead Free CE
XMP-302D Pick, Paste and Place System was designed to allow the user to conveniently control the placement of the SMT components and the deposition of the solder paste on printed circuit boards.
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Low Cost Assembly Equipment
FOCUS "X" Digital SMT Convection Rework System has been designed to perform safe and efficient rework of SMD and BGA components. FOCUS "X", offers total process control and best performance among convection Rework/Repair Tools
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Low Cost Assembly Equipment
SMT-ServiCE is a Unique Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Pre-heater, which offers precise and accurate monitoring of process temperatures at a working point on a PCB. Also, allows pre-setting of exact temperature of air stream at the end of Hot Air Pencil Nozzle and at a tip of Soldering Iron.
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ZERO CHARGE™ Brand of ESD Accessories

AR-8 - Wrist and Footwear Tester. The wrist strap and footwear tester was created to fill a growing demand for a dependable, low cost and easy-to-use test mechanism for personnel grounding devices.
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A-WM8 - Wall mounted wrist strap and footwear test station
AWM-8 - Wall mounted wrist strap and footwear test station. Extremely easy to use. Just move your finger from wrist strap button to footwear button to complete the test.
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A1COM-B Adjustable wrist strap, 4mm snap, maroon, coil cord 6ft. Fully adjustable, wrist bands are popular for their proven reliability. It is a comfortable way to prevent static built-up on personnel.
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Protective MICROSTAT Lab Coat offers protection against electrostatic fields generated from clothing on the user’s body.
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Goot Brand

GOOT™ Brand Of Soldering Products

Lead Free


Soldering SuperStation
for Lead Free.

Made in Japan and Patented.

and Superiority over Competition
CE Mark

Lead Free
RX-802AS Lead-free Applicable TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED SOLDERING STATION. Extra long life, fast recovery time, lead-free soldering iron with built-in high output heater (72W).
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POT-50C / 51C - Lead-Free Square Solder Bath. Accurate PID temperature control. User defined bath temperature regulation by switching to sensor feedback ON/OFF control.
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Xtractor - Fume Extraction Systems

XF-301 XTRACTOR - High Volume Entry Level Fume extraction systems. A cost effective unit capable of extracting fumes, with optimal flow rates, for up to two soldering stations using any of the following attachments:
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Value Center

Value Center

CHW 09085 Adjustable Expansion Wrist Strap. Easy to adjust, positive locking system. One size fits all. Includes 6-ft. coil cord.
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