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XSO Super Oven_m2.jpgSMT Rework, Repair and Ovens SMT Rework System Packages, Hot Air/Nitrogen Systems, Bottom Side Pre-heaters, Vacuum Pick-Up Solutions, Dispensing Systems, Stencil Printers, Pick and Place Systems, Batch Ovens Static Control Static Control Personal Grounding, ESD Matting & Flooring, ESD Tester & Measurement, ESD Apparel and Shoes, ESD Chairs and Seat covers, ESD Packaging, ESD Tools, ESD Storage & Handling, ESD Vacuum Cleaners
Soldering and DesolderingSoldering and DesolderingSoldering Stations, Soldering Irons, Desoldering, Service Station, Solder Pots, Heated Tools, Soldering Accessories banner_1.jpgTest Measurment and Inspection Bench Top Magnifiers, SMART TWEEZERS, SMT Profiler, Personal Inspection Tool, Temperature Meters
Tools and Accessories New.jpgTools and Accessories Tweezers, Probes, Pick-Up Tools, Pliers & Cutters

Fume Extractors Systems and Accessories
including Entry Level fume extractors, High Volume extraction units, Bench Top smoke absorbes and specialized ULT systems for Laser Applications.

Chemicals / Cleaners / Dusters
Chemicals / Cleaners / Dusters Chemical products for the electronics industry
Chemicals / Cleaners / Dusters
AntiStatic Facilities Care A Stat-Cote, A-Stat-Seal, A-Stat-Epoxy
ESD Static
Anti-Slip Floor Super Products A-Balance, A-Stand-Up

Patent Sale

Low-cost investment opportunity for IC microchip manufacturers to make a chip which will not require expensive pick and place machines to place or replace chips as described in US Patent 7,851,255 B2. Contact or call: 570-842-2812 for more information.

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X-KAR SMT Rework and Repair

X-KAR How to choose the best Rework System Package

The most advanced. Made in Japan

To date sold only in Japan. Now available in USA and Europe. Unique, Manufactured under strict QC, will save you time and money

Must try them to appreciate


ACCURA™ Test and Measurement

Basic, Must have Equipment for Every Development Laboratory, Service or Home.

Carefully Selected. Best Value.

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SMT ESD Xtractor goot
Brand of Premier SMT Rework, Repair and Assembly Equipment
Static Protection, Charge Prevention, Grounding and Shielding solutions
Fume Extractors Systems
Solder / Desolder equipment offering superior and original design, quality and performance
Bomir Practical Componets ESD Static PVA
Hand tools and accessories for Electronics Assembly and Service and Repair
Practical Components
Dummy Components and Test Boards
Selected Static Protection
Products for Static Control and Cleanrooms
Where Precision Drives Production
AIM Products ESD Static MG Chemicals
Tronex - The best cutters one can find
Tronex is the original Manufacturer of the best cutters for many Brands
AIM Products Inc.
The best in Lead Free Alloys
Solder Pastes, Wires,
Bars and Fluxes
Static Control Products
Anti-slip products
Chemicals for Manufacturing and Service
ULT M.jpg
Monroe ESD Test Equipment Bokar-Tokoma
Superior Screwdrivers and Bits - GiGa FiT and Aerobics
Lead Free

Lead Free Products

SMT Rework System

System includes:

  • FOCUS"X1" - Programmable, Intelligent SMT Rework/Repair Unit Just Patented in US, Japan and Europe
  • SMT-SeriviCE - Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Pre heater, Hot Air Pencil, Iron and vacuum Pick-up
  • XU-5 - Open Frame Board Holder with X Y micrometer positioning of PCB for boards up to 14" wide
  • XK-3AL - Tool Stand with precise rotation, up/down Z axis movement and Auto Lift
  • XIL-2 - High Intensity, long life Illumination System

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