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Lead Free Products

Lead Free

Rework System Packages

This new generation system offers precise and accurate monitoring of process temperatures at a working point on a PCB when soldering with lead free alloys. Also, allows for pre-setting of exact temperature of air stream at the end of a Hot Air Tool, Hot Air Pencil Nozzles and at a tip of a Soldering Iron. Board Holder with X and Y micrometer adjustments and precision rotation stage allow for fine alignment of a component with the corresponding land pattern on the board.

SMT Rework/Repair Systems and Accessories

SMT Rework/Repair is a part of everyday life. We have to repair the boards during their assembly, during final assembly of products and while servicing the products after sales.
To do it quickly, and without damage to a board or parts one must have good and reliable tools and equipment. X-KAR Brand offers such equipment.



Full Convection, Bench Top, Batch oven with Nitrogen Connections. Especially designed for lead free soldering. High performance, inexpensive reflow batch oven for use in small lot production and laboratory simulation tests.


Developed for Lead-free Temperature Controlled Soldering Super Station.
Extra long life, fast recovery time, lead-free soldering iron with built-in high output heater (72W).

POT-50C / POT-51C

Lead-Free Solder Bath. Accurate PID temperature control. User defined bath temperature regulation by switching to sensor feedback ON/OFF control. Temperature setting range from ambient temperature to 530°C

AIM - The best Lead-Free Pastes and Fluxes

AIM (American Iron Products) is the leader in Lead Free Soldering Alloys and Fluxes. Flux Paste NC-254 is the necessity in rework of all SMD components and especially BGA's and CSP's.

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