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Antistatic Wheels

A-401 Set  ESD Compliance Verification Checker for  ESD safe chairs and ESD safe carts. 

The set includes: A-400 Surface resistance Checker, A-SRP Five pound probe, five  A-RVP1 stainless steel plates (you need only four to test the cart and five to test ESD chairs), four AVW-6BC-Bk -zero ohm wires (you will need 3 to test carts and 4 to test  chairs) and the instruction manual.

How to use A-401 Set to check ESD properties of the ESDSafe Cart

  • Place the cart wheels on the metal plates.
  • Connect the plates using three AVW-6BC-Bk -zero ohm wires (as shown below).
  • Connect the tester to one the plates at the end which has free banana socket to connect. 
  • Connect the A-SRP  probe to the A-400 tester.
  • Place the probe on the top platform of the cart, press the button on the A-400 tester and the illuminated LED on the tester will show the resistance to the ground.
A-RVP1 _ m.jpg A-401 Set _M.jpg
You can order the A-401 SET by sending an e-mail to:


To measure resistance to the ground of ESD Safe chair place all 5 wheels on the conductive plates. Connect the plates with the supplied wires (same way as to measure the cart, connect the A-400 tester to the plates and the probe. Place the probe on the chair. Press the pushbutton on the tester and read chair resistance to the ground.

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A-401 Set Chairs and Carts ESD Properties Verification Checker.
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