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Antistatic Wheels

Xtractor AF-100 Series - Personal Fume Extractors
  • Small, light, portable, quiet
  • These compact very low cost systems are ideal for extracting the harmful fumes generated during hand soldering on assembly line and/or on service technicians benches.
  • The units are small enough and can be positioned one the bench (AF-100) or next to the bench on a shelf (AF-101).

A cost effective unit capable of extracting fumes, with optimal flow rates, for up to two soldering stations using any of the following attachments:

AF-100 Personal Fume XTRACTOR

AF-100 M BOMIR.jpg

AF-101Personal Fume XTRACTOR

AF-101 M BOMIR.jpg

System includes: 
- Main Unit
- Power cord
- Spare Pre-Filter Pack
- Manual
- Warranty Card  


System includes:
- Main Unit 
- Power cord
- Spare Pre-Filter Pack 
- Flexible Stay Put Arm 
- Arm Adapter 
- Nozzle 
- Manual 
- Warranty Card

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