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Antistatic Wheels

Twillwipes / Cleanroom Cotton Wipes

Absorbs three times its own weight

Low linting 100% cotton twill weave. Excellent for abrasion-free cleaning and drying. The Twillwipe is thermally stable, solvent resistant, static dissipative, and low linting whether used in sheets or strips. It is processed at neutral pH without any starch or binders, and is virtually chemically pure. The Twillwipe is "Lymanized", a proprietary cleaning treatment that insures the ultimate in cleanliness and quality, and cut on the bias to minimize fraying.

  • 4" x 4"
  • Class 1000 Cleanroom compliant
  • Static free


Physical Properties
Basis Weight ( oz/yd2) 4.3
Weave (TPI) 108x56
Thread in both directions (Denier) 20
Tensile (lbs/in) ST 110
  CR 50
Absorbent Capacity (%) 300
Absorbency Time (sec.) water drop method immediate
Intrinsic Sorbency (ml/g) 1.6
Extrinsic Sorbency (ml/m2) 219.1
Surface Resistance (ohm/Square) 102
Particle Generation (> 0.5┬Ám/m2 in Millions) 129.5
Using Near Zero Mechanical Stress Wet Test: Per IES-RP-CC004.2, Section 5.1
Extractable Ions
In deionized water (ppm)
Chloride 9
Sodium 37
Potassium <12
Magnesium 43
Calcium 65
Aluminum <3
Per IES-RP-CC004.2, Section 6.2
Deionized Water 0.063
Isopropyl Alcohol 0.176
1,1,1 - Trichloroethane 0.12


Part Number Mfr. Part # Sizes Available Description
MG-829-4X4 829-4X4 100(4"x4") Wipes
MG-829-50 829-50 50(9"x9") Wipes
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MG-829 -4X4 TWILLWIPES (4"x4"), 100(4"x4")
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MG-829 -50 TWILLWIPES (9"x9"), 50(9"X9")
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