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SMT-Tweezers MS8910 Low Cost Bomir/Mastech RC Tester


DIGITAL SMT COMPONENTS RC Meter – Convenient One hand operated Tweezers

The Tester measures SMD components (Resistance & Capacitance) with high accuracy. Digital readout with large numbers. Handy and inexpensive tool helping in electronics production, quality control, service and prototyping.
Precise tips are made of non-magnetic steel and are able to pick up and reliably contact even smallest SMD components, or take measurements from the devices already mounted on a board.
The Tweezers can also be used to test conventional components.


  • LCD digital display
  • Auto Scanning and Auto Ranging
  • Practical one hand measurement allowing use of other hand to hold object containing SMD devices.
  • Ranges:
    • Resistance: 300/3K/30K/3M/30M OHM; Accuracy: ± (1% + 3d)
    • Capacitance: 3nF/30nF/300nF/3µF/30µF/300µF; Accuracy: ± (2% + 3d)
    • Continuity Check. When Resistance is less than 30 Ohm, the Buzzer will sound.
    • Diode Check
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Data Hold
  • Powered: by 3V Lithium Battery
  • Low battery indicator

The ordered item includes:

  • Mastech/Bomir RC tester
  • 3V battery
  • Extra set of probes
  • Convenient storage case
  • User Manual


Range (Ω) Resolution (Ω) Accuracy
300 0.1 ±(1.0% of rdg + 2 digits)
3K 1
30K 10
300K 100
3M 1K
30M 10K ±(1.2% of rdg + 3 digits)
Range (F) Resolution (F) Accuracy
3n 1p ±(2.5% of rdg + 3 digits)
30n 10p
300n 100p
30µ 10n
300µ 100n ±(3.0% of rdg + 3 digits)
30m 10µ
Diode Test
Range Description Test conditions
Continuity The buzzer will sound if the resistance is less than 30 ohms
Diode Display reads approximate forward voltage of the diode Forward DC current: approximately 2 mA
Open DC voltage: approximate 2.8 V
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MS8910 SMT Tweezers Low Cost Bomir/Mastech RC Tester. Excellent very low cost tool for sorting AND IDENTIFYING SMD COMPONENTS
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