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XTM-10 - "K" TC Meter and Tip Temperature Meter

Regular monitoring of solder tip temperature ensures that your soldering equipment is operating within specification and also provides you with reassurance that your process is safe. This tip temperature monitor measures the surface temperature of your soldering tips (the part that contacts the work) quickly and accurately.

Also, the unit can be used as a regular "K" thermocouple thermometer to verify board temperatures during rework, hot air temperature of convection heating tools etc.

XTM-10 - "K" TC Meter and Tip Temperature Meter


  • K-type thermocouple sensor, an on/off switch, and an external temperature probe that can be used to measure temperature of air or other subjects.
  • One K-type probe and a 9V battery.
  • Display resolution: 1 °F (1 °C), standard temperature input.
  • Temperature range: 0-1200°F (0-600 °C).

System includes

  • XTM-B Temperature Meter Base
  • XTM-S Tip temperature sensors (5 pcs)
  • XTM-RP Ring Plate (It is attached to slide pole - operation before measure)
  • XTM-TC1 - K-type thermocouple gauge 26 (diameter: 0.016" (0.405mm) length: 3.2' (1m))

Technical specification

Part Number XTM-10F XTM-10C
Range of Measurement 0°F - 1200°F 0°C - 600°C
Resolution 1 °F 1°C
Accuracy ±6°F (572 °F - 932 °F) ±3°C (300 °C - 500 °C)
Applied sensor  K-type thermocouple
Display 3.5-digital liquid crystal display
Battery alarm
Power Supply 006P, 9V Dry Battery
Dry Battery Dimensions 6.3" x 1.8" x 3.1"
(160 x 45 x 80 mm)
Weight 0.44 lbs (200 g)

Replacement part

  • XTM-S5 --Replacement Sensor (pack of 5)
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XTM-10C "K" TC Meter and Tip Temperature Meter, Celsius temperature scale
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