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Antistatic Wheels


  • True static safe design. All components are made from conductive plastic which is grounded and will not generate or accumulate static charges.
  • True high Capacity:  More than 9 gallons (35l). Largest capacity in its class.
  • Reasonable priced HEPA filters
  • Dry and wet vacuuming

The most widely used, least expensive, ESD safe, 0.3-micron filtration service vacuums in the world.
  • Affordable Model
  • Electronic Model

The ESD Safe A-ESD- PortaVac Vacuums are smaller, lighter, and more compact than A-ESD-VAC Series Vacuums. Powerful and light to carry. The 0.3-micron filter captures ultra-fine particles in disposable cartridge filter. The A-ESD- PortaVac Series only weighs 6 lbs. but has 600 watts of power.

he High Capacity Vacuum system. Designed for large volume applications where dry fine particle pickup is a must. The cost effective solution for the user who works with high volumes of fine particle debris for cartridge rechargers, Service Depots, shop dust, mechanical clean up or industrial printing. Unique 5 gallon style canister filter seals quickly for disposal, and holds large quantities of debris.