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Antistatic Wheels

We buy equipment like wrist strap/heel strap testers, ESD mats, Lab-coats etc., and forget about the Static Field Checker or Meter. Often, the opinion is that this is an expensive extra. It is not.

When we deal with other fields like weight, distance, no one can live without the tools to measure and use them several times each day.

Distance, length, width Weights Time

Why do we ignore STATIC ELECTRICITY detection and Measurement?

It is time to correct it, and look for Distributor of ZeroCharge Brand in your Country. 

Buy A-STAT-Check and know exactly if there is a danger and how big it is.

A-STAT-Check Static Electricity Locator and Meter
Zero Charge

Static Electricity Locator is a must for everyone to detect and "see" a static field.

Indispensable, inexpensive tool to protect and prevent Static Electricity Damage. Also- verify effectives of applied counter-measures.

Pocket-size. Performs 40 hours on a 9V alkaline battery.

A-STAT Check 289 m.jpg          A-STAT Check 289 ok.png


  • The potential (magnitude) of Static Electricity accumulated on an object under investigation is shown by the bar on the display.
  • There is no need to touch the measured object. Simply point and measure “Invisible” Static Electricity.
  • Handy, portable, small and lightweight. Fits easily into the pocket.
  • Low power consumption. Nine volts (9V battery) guarantees 40 hours of operation.

The A-StatCheck 289  is ideal for those who need to make qualitative static surveys at the most affordable price. It features a high-speed LED bar graph that quickly shows the magnitude and polarity of the static charge. A simple-to-operate zero button and conductive case (for obtaining a ground connection) help to make this one of the easiest instruments you will ever operate. Applications

Checking the presence of Static Electricity everywhere. Helps you to “see” what you can not see otherwise, and prepare countermeasure against Static Charge. Indispensable in Electronics production and Service. Also very useful in resin molding, film or paper processing, during packing containers, or checking coated sheet metal surfaces for charging, and Indispensable in testing the effect of the electricity removal.


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A-STAT-Check Basic Static Electricity Locator and Meter
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