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SSSC Superior Screwdriver Set for Construction Professionals

Aerobics Screwdrivers enable you to remove even DAMAGED SCREWS with ease and speed. This highest quality DRIVER performs like a Philips screwdriver and can remove good and sized screws.

GiGa FiT Screwdrivers - Capable to Hold Screws. Unique, Patented Superior Fitting of the screwdriver and the cross or slot in the screw head not found in any other types of screwdrivers.

GiGa FiT HEX BITS - The Highest Quality BITS you can get! Best Fit, Best Driving torque and Super Straight 100┬Ám (.004") Max deviation along the whole bit. Important for use with power tools.

Bit Extensions and Universal Quick-Change Bit Adapter. Simple & Speedy to Various Hex-Bits Interchangeable For Power Impact's.

Screw Navigator for Power Tools was designed to speed up and made much easier driving drywall screws and any other screws into various materials. The Navigator makes inserting screws much easier and quicker and prevent from driving them to deep (especially into soft materials like drywall or wood).

Set includes:

  • ZAP2100 AEROBICS-2 Screwdriver, Phillips (+)#2, 100 mm long
  • ZAS8150 AEROBICS-2 Screwdriver, Flat (-)8 mm, 150 mm long
  • GFX-3 Giga Fit Screwdriver, Phillips (+)#2 and Flat (-)6mm 2WAY, 110mm, Reversible 2 Way with Quick Insert/Release
  • GFB210MB GiGa Fit 1/4"HEX BIT, Phillips (+)#2 Both Sides, 45mm (1" 3/4) long
  • GFB240MP GiGa Fit 1/4"HEX BIT, Phillips (+)#2 Both Sides, 110mm (4" 3/8) long
  • GFB282M GiGa Fit 1/4"HEX BIT, Phillips (+)#2 Both Sides 200mm (7" 7/8) long
  • SHB220MPG Super Hard 1/4" HEX-BIT, Phillips (+)#2 Both Sides, 65mm (2" 9/16) long
  • SLX-400 Bit Extensions and SMART Locking Heads for Power Tools, 400mm Extension with Phillips (+)2-65W Bit
  • MAD-18V Universal Quick-Change Bit Adapter, Sharpened 3.0mm Drill + Phillips (+)#2-65W Bit
  • SNL-01 Screw Navigators for Power Tools (RED) for Pan & Flat Head's

Why will you like and want to use Bokar-Tokoma Superior Screwdrivers?

Because they are the best screwdrivers ever produced. Developed by high precision Japanese Company and till 2007 sold exclusively in Japan. Used by many fames Electronic Equipment Manufacturers. Can not be copied because they are protected by many patents. They are ergonomic and extremely well made. Precisely ground at patented angles to fit the screw slot or cross. All shafts and bits are straight which makes fastening the screws easier than ever. Aerobics arrangement of the screwdriver tip can be found only in Bokar-Tokoma tools. It is virtually impossible to describe in few words how much better these screwdrivers are than anything produced to date by others. Only if you use them (even ones for few minutes) you will understand their superiority.

To give you a chance to try We offer now one set per customer at the promotional price.

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SSSC Superior Screwdriver Set for Construction Professionals
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