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AI-10 Personal Ionizer


The Personal Ionizer is designed to provide low cost alternative to larger industrial units. Supplied with a graph presenting decay time from 1000V to 100V in relative humidity of 50%, to show its real, good performance. It is much quieter than commercial units and almost as effective with the price tag almost 5 times lower.


  • Preventing static (and what goes with it-dust) build-up on computer and laptop screens when placed on the desk in proximity of a computer.
  • Reducing static on the electronics service benches without excessive noice.
  • Eliminating static generated on the work desk by friction between the paper sheets etc.
  • Greatly diminishing static electricity on human body generated by walking on non-ESD floors, carpets etc. This applies to the offices of all sorts.
  • Often used in quantity of few units for static reduction in larger rooms.
  • Outside of work: In home offices (Quiet and efficient), living rooms, bedrooms. Reduction of positive ions helps in many ways to be rested and on higher alert.
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AI-10 Personal Ionizer. Eliminates the "bad" positive ions. Does an excellent job limiting dust collection on your personal computer screen and keyboard or the laptop
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