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Antistatic Wheels


The Cordless Solution which enables free movement of personnel in factories, stock rooms, development laboratories, service areas and anywhere in transit protecting against static charge levels exceeding 500V.

It operates using a combination of several physics phenomena like "Ion Neutralization, Skin Effect, Point Discharge and Corona Discharge Effect" combined with the principle of differential potential to collect and dissipate static electricity.

It is a combination of bio-industrial and electronic technologies.

In effect, the wireless wrist strap slowly neutralizes static electricity on a human body and maintains the potential of a human body below 500V, which is a great improvement from 3 to 5 kV measured without the wrist strap.

The wireless wrist strap is not intended to replace conventional wrist straps. However, Model AML-301A, which is a cordless wrist strap "+", supplied with an additional coil cord for direct grounding, not only replaces conventional wrist straps, but provides additional protection when a person using it has to move away from the hard wired grounding point, (which is often a case in the electronics assembly, kiting, stock room, inspection, service or development working environments).

Practical Points, Benefits and Precautions:

  • Please, do not touch electronics components immediately after installing the wireless wrist strap on your wrist. Allow minimum 60 seconds for the wrist strap to neutralize high levels of static electricity already existing on your body.
  • Do not use wireless wrist straps as your primary grounding device (unless it is a 2 in 1, Model AML-301A and is used with the grounding cord).
  • Since the wireless wrist strap decreases the positive electrical charge on a human body, it makes the person wearing it feel refreshed and energetic. This increases personnel awareness and productivity.
  • (You may have heard about negative effect of positive ions on humans (or positive effect of negative ions which neutralize the negative ones)). No matter what is the source of negative ions, their neutralization will help your productivity. You may find the information about the effect of ions on humans on the internet. You can start with
  • If you use 2 in 1, Model 301A wrist straps, you will have conventional grounding and an additional positive ion neutralizer.

Independent product testing:

Our cordless wrist strap were tested independently by Sanyo Electronics of Japan and are widely used by this company.

The test was performed under the following conditions:

  • Room Temperature: 26 deg. C
  • Humidity: 46%RH,
  • Test Equipment: MsV-20 and Recorder 3057.
Legend for the graph:
  1. Activation
  2. Charge
  3. Storage of static inside a device
  4. Discharging through ionized air
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