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Antistatic Wheels

Zero Charge™ ESD FiberStat Trays
Protect Electronic Components During Assembly Operations with FibreStat 2000

FibreStat 2000 is a specifically formulated composite material that gives permanent ESD properties to a wide variety of trays, boxes and pallets used in conveyor applications for electronic component production and assembly. Bomir offers over 200 standard, off-the-shelf material handling products to meet the customer’s need to convey, carry, accumulate, and warehouse a variety of static-sensitive parts or assemblies.

In accordance with ASTM D-257 tests, the FibreStat 2000 materials meet the surface resistivity requirements of Static dissipative (>105 to 1011 ohms per square) or Conductive (<105 ohms per square). MFG’s trays, boxes and pallets protect electronic components, assemblies, loaded printed circuit boards, and other static-sensitive parts without requiring surface treatment.

Shallow Trays Shallow Pans and Trays
2-1.jpg (7438 bytes) Conveyor Flats & Dryer Pans

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Removal of one end of the tray Removal of one end of the tray allows access to the part during production. The large hole in the end wall allows unit to be plugged in for testing.
Used on assembly lines. Modifications made to standard product to accommodate the manufacturing produces used on assembly lines.
Trays used on cards PC board assembly. Trays used on cards PC board assembly.
Used Used by major computer and peripheral manufacturers for assembly.
Used Used
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