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MLF™ Test Kits

This new MicroLeadFrame™ (MLF) Test Board is two test boards in one. The front side of the board consists of daisy-chained MLF pads. Amkor’s new MLF packages are a near CSP plastic encapsulated package with a copper leadframe substrate. MLF packages have perimeter pads on the bottom of the package. Thermal enhancement is provided by Amkor’s ExposedPad™ technology. The test board has land patterns for MLF package sizes of 2x3mm to 10x10mm in varying I/O counts. Lead pitches of these include 0.5mm, 0.65mm and 0.8mm. Pitch sizes between the pads on the board are 0.65mm and 0.5mm. The MLF side of the PCB007 Board is designed to help customers become more familiar with the placement and process characteristics of MLF packages. The wide assortment of pad sizes and pitches provide a comprehensive overview of MLF packages. Daisy-chain patterns on the PCB007 board complement the patterns on the components, allowing continuity to be tested.

The bottom side of the PCB007 Test board provides a variety of SMD component types. The bottom of the board has LQFP components with 0.4mm pitch and 0.3mm pitch, pads for the PBGA256 component with a 1.00mm pitch and two TSOP Type II components, the TSOP54 with a 0.8mm pitch and the TSOP86 with a 0.5mm pitch. Standard board finish for the PCB007 is Alpha Level Silver Flash. Other finishes are available upon request. Standard thickness is 0.062". Customers always have the option of mixing and matching components to suit their requirements.

PCB007 Board Front - Click to View  PCB007 Board Back - Click to View Board size 8" x 5.5" Also see ...
Amkor MLF

PC007 Kits

Part Description Quantity Per
1 Kit
Quantity Per
5 Kits
Quantity Per
10 Kits
Quantity Per
20 Kits
Quantity Per
50 Kits
MLF8-2x3mm-.5mm-DC 155 775 1,550 3,100 7,750
MLF16-5mm-.8mm-DC 24 120 240 480 1,200
MLF20-5mm-.65mm-DC 24 120 240 480 1,200
MLF28-7mm-.8mm-DC 32 160 320 640 1,600
MLF32-7mm-.65mm-DC 14 70 140 280 700
MLF44-7mm-.5mm-DC 20 100 200 200 1,000
MLF68-10mm-.5mm-DC 28 140 280 560 1,400
PCB007 Test Board 1 5 10 20 50
Kit Order Number: PC007-0-01 PC007-0-05 PC007-0-10 PC007-0-20 PC007-0-50

Order Numbers for Individual Items

Part Description Part Number
MLF8-2x3mm-.5mm-DC 30466
MLF16-5mm-.8mm-DC 30469
MLF20-5mm-.65mm-DC 30467
MLF28-7mm-.8mm-DC 30470
MLF32-7mm-.65mm-DC 30468
MLF44-7mm-.5mm-DC 30403
MLF68-10mm-.5mm-DC 30359
PCB007 Test Board 15785
  • Kit quantities are subject to change.
  • Mix and match components and quantities to create a custom kit. Please contact your sales representative for details.
  • Components supplied in kits have pairs of leads shorted together in a daisy-chain pattern that result in a line of continuity when combined with the shorted pairs of pads on the board. Continuity test pads on the board allow the end user to verify the solder connections.
  • Gerber and X, Y Theta data included at no charge.
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