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Antistatic Wheels

LCC Leadless Ceramic Carrier

This surface mount package consists of a ceramic base that has metalized castellations/pads on the sides and bottom of the package. LCC packages have pads on all four sides of the package. Lids for LCCs can be either metal or ceramic. Lids are attached after die attach. This allows for a hermetically sealed environment for the die.

Part Number Number of
Pitch Body Size
16LCC-1.27mm-7.36x8.96mm 16 1.27mm 7.36 x 8.96mm
20LCC-1.27mm-8.90mm 20 1.27mm 8.90mm sq
28LCC-1.27mm-11.5mm 28 1.27mm 11.5mm sq
32LCC-1.27mm-11.4x14.0mm 32 1.27mm 11.4 x 14.0mm
32LCC-1.27mm-11.4x16.5mm 32 1.27mm 11.4 x 16.5mm
40LCC-1.00mm-10.1mm 40 1.00mm 10.1mm sq
48LCC-1.00mm-14.2mm 48 1.00mm 14.2mm sq
52LCC-1.27mm-19.0mm 52 1.27mm 19.0mm sq
68LCC-1.27mm-24.11mm 68 1.27mm 24.11mm sq
84LCC-1.27mm-29.2mm 84 1.27mm 29.2mm sq
  • LCCs are available with or without combo lid.
  • Gold castellations are standard, but can be solder coated.
  • Parts are packaged in non-JEDEC trays.
  • Parts are available with a daisy-chain configuration upon request.
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