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Antistatic Wheels

Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape, Low Static Polyimide Film Tape
  Model KT-1

The tape has extremely low electrostatic discharge at unwind and removal from PWB. 2.6 mil total tape thickness. Adhesion to steel: 22 oz./in. width. Used where high static charge is of concern, e.g. as masking tape in the clean room.


  • STATIC CHARGE (@50% RH, 70°F):
    • Removal from roll: < 150 Volts
    • Removal from PWB: < 50 Volts
  • 36 yards per roll.
  • Width: 1/2” (12,5mm).
  • Operating temperature range: -100 deg. to 500 deg. F (-73 - 260 °C).
  • Ideal for solder mask applications and attaching thermocouples to a board during rework or repair.

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Available models:

Part Number Width
KT-1 1/2" (12,5mm)
KT-2 3/4" (19.05mm)
KT-3 1" (25.4mm)

UL Number E197661. Equivalent of TESA 51408-09002-02


K12A is a Polymide film tape incorporating a high performance silicone adhesive. The product is designed for numerous high temperature masking applications, including the protection of printed circuit board gold finger contacts during wave soldering. It is UL approved for use in electrical insulation applications meeting class H requirements.

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Color Amber
Adhesion Type Silicone
Film Thickness (mils) 1.0
Adhesive Thickness 1.7 +/- 0.2
Total Thickness (mils) 2.7
Peel Adhesion: lbs/inch 23
Tensile Strength (lbs/inch) 30
Elongation: % 60
Dielectric Strength, volts 6800
Resistance to: acids, oils, solvents Excellent

Product Features:

  • Thin and conformable enabling masking of uneven surfaces
  • Wide operating temperature range up to 500°F
  • Removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat and/or chemicals
  • High strength backing provides superior puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • UL approved

Typical End Uses:

  • High temperature masking
  • Protection of circuit board gold finger contacts during wave solder or hot air leveling process

Available sizes:

KT-3.2A 0.125 3.2 36.000 32.918
KT-6.5A 0.250 6.4 36.000 32.918
KT-0.8 0.317 8.0 36.000 32.918
KT-12A 0.500 12.7 36.000 32.918
KT-16A 0.625 15.9 36.000 32.918
KT-19A 0.750 19.1 36.000 32.918
KT-25A 1.000 25.4 36.000 32.918
Type Machine
Model Number A-TM7

This unit is compact and powerful. It will fit nicely on your work stations or cell system. It is constructed around a small foot print to save valuable work space.

The unit can be used to cut tape, tube, film, aluminum foil and more. The A-TM7 easily cuts through tough tapes such as Filament, Strong, Kapton, Acetate, Glass Cloth, Double sided, Normex and more.

  • Unit has dual photo sensors for use with 2 rolls at a time.
  • Cut lengths: 5mm to 999mm (3/16" to 39") 1mm increments.
  • Tape Width: 6mm to 55mm (1" to 2")
  • Adjustable to limit tape curling.
  • No special bobbin is needed to hold the tape.
  • Built in tweezers for small pieces.

The unit has 4 dispensing modes that will help to improve productivity.

  • Automatic feeds and cuts tape when the last piece is taken.
  • Feeds a single piece of tape each time the button is depressed.
  • Can be programmed to cut a preset number of pieces.
  • Can be programmed to continually feed and cut to a predetermined length and quantity of non-adhesive material.
Model Number A-TM2

The A-TM2 tape dispenser is designed to help reduce waste and operator fatigue. With the touch of a single button the A-TM2 will dispense tape half way around the turntable making it convenient for an operator or a group of several when placed between them.

The unit provides your operators with tape that is cut to a constant length while maintaining a straight cut on each end. The dispenser will accept virtually any type of tape including Vinyl-, masking-, cellophane-, polyethylene-, paper-, acetate cloth-, cotton cloth-, Mylar-, glass cloth-, soft forming-, aluminum foil-, double sided-, Teflon-, Nomex-, glass filament-, and many others.

Cut length Range: 13mm to 59mm (.51" - 2.32")
Maximum Tape O.D.: 30mm (5.11 ")
Core sizes: 26mm(1.02"), 31mm (1.22"), 32mm (1.25"), 33mm (1.29"), 77mm (3.03")
Overall Dimensions: 130mm x 165mm x 170mm 5.11" x 6.49"x 6.69"
Weight 2.8kg (6.17lbs)
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Hi-Temperature Tapes and Tape Dispensers
  KT-3 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1" (25,4mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
  KT-3-6 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1" (25,4mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m), 6 rolls Get quote
KT-1 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1/2" (12,5mm)
Qty1 - 4748 +
KT-1-6 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1/2" (12,5mm), 6 rolls
Qty1 +
KT-2 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 3/4" (19,05 mm)
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KT-2-6 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 3/4" (19,05 mm) , 6 rolls
Qty1 +
  KT-3.2A Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1/8" (3,2mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
  KT-6.5A Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1/4" (3,2mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
  KT-0.8 Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 8mm, length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
  KT-12A Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1/2" (12,7mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
  KT-19A Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 3/4" (19,1mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
  KT-25A Hi-Temperature (500° F) Tape 1" (25,4mm), length 36 yd (32,9 m) Get quote
A-TM7 small square tape despenser- cuts and holds a single piece of tape at a time.
Qty1 +
A-TM2 Round tape dispenser, cuts and holds multiple pieces of tape.
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