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XIL-2 High Intensity, long life Illumination System

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XIL-2 High Intensity, long life Illumination System


The system was designed for XK-Series tool holders to provide focused illumination at the place of rework. Properly illuminated PCB helps greatly to position a component, inspect paste deposition and improve quality of the solder joints after rework.

XIL-2 fits all X-KAR XK-Series Tool Holders manufactured after Jan 2004.

It does not occupy valuable bench space and can be installed in few minutes.


  • Regulated distance from the board
  • Full rotation, angle and forward-back adjustment of the illuminating heads.
  • High intensity white soft light
  • Long life (min 50 000 hours)

System includes:

  • Arms with illumination - arms mount on XK-Series tool holders

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage 110-120, 220-240V AC 
Power consumption Max. 2 VA
Weight 1.1 lbs. (0,5 kg)
System dimensions 15.7"x5.9"x7.9" (400 x 150 x 200 mm)
Packaged weight 1,5 lbs. (0,7 kg)

Optional equipments:

  • Power Supply X-AC1 for 115V or X-AC12 for 220-240V. Needed when you have Pre-heater Based Rework System manufactured before October 2005).
  • XCC-2L - Cord connecting XIL-2 with Pre-heater Based Rework System SMT-SerwiCE or Preheaters X-1000 (only for systems manufactured after October 2005).


XIL-2 attached to XK-3AL

To enhance efficiency and speed during placement or replacement of the components using X-KAR Rework Equipment incorporating XK Holders.


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Illumination System
XIL-2 Long Life, White light Illumination System
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