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   XSO SuperOven


Super Oven_1_M.jpg

Technical Specifications:

Reflow area

20” x 16” x 6.5”  (508 x 407 x 165 mm)

Temperature range

30°C to 400°C

Temperature Zones

Purging, to push oxygen out + up to nine zones pre-set by the operator for each program. Last 2 zones are two cooling zones.


4 heater cartridges  4,88 kW (220V)

Max. PCB size

18 ”x 14” (457 x 356 mm) 

Supply Requirements

3 phase, 220V, 40 amps (Max. power consumption: 20.5 kW)

Advanced Cooling Module

(Detachable to ease maintenance).

Cooling media: Nitrogen or Shop Air. Timing and object temperature to cool to, is defined by the operator in the program. Cooling media enters from the top clam shell through the openings located above the heated object.  Advanced cooling produces more reliable soldering connections and helps to handle heated objects at the end of a heating cycle.

Opening and closure of the exhaust port is controlled by the programming.

Monitoring Glass Windows

There are 6 (six) viewing windows:

  • window in the center of top clam shell:  11.14”x11.14” (283×283 mm)
  • window in the center of the bottom of the heating chamber: 7.5”x7.5” (190x190 mm)
  • two identical rectangular windows (front and rear)  11”x3.94” (280x100 mm)
  • two identical small side windows: 2.36”x3.54” (60x90 mm)

Nitrogen Connection

I/M 1/4 in. pneumatic male plug connector. Nitrogen pressure:1/2-1bar (7-14.5 psi) 


L=33.7” x W=33.5” x H=21,7” {L=856mm x W=850mm x H=-550mm


                       Unpacked: 220 lbs. (~100 kg) Packaged for shipping: 330Ibs. (~150kg)

Computer profile control

Allows pre-programming, storage and recall of up to 255 programs

Communication with PC

RS485 port ( XKAR X485-USB converter required to connect to PC’s USB port)

Advanced Features

  • Heating and cooling rates between 2.0 C/sec to 3C/sec.
  • Equipped with X-KAR Residual O2 Monitor when operating the oven in N2 environment.
  • Display of the actual temperature/time numerically or as a graph and full indication of set functions and process parameters along with their values in the Process Window.
  • Choice to control the temperature in the oven getting feedback from the measurement of the air temperature (conventional way) or to control the air temperature to heat the object to a preset temperature by measuring this object’s real temperature using the “K-type” thermocouple connected to this object.
  • Advanced, two stage cooling system allowing use of N2 and the air to cool the heated object at the rate of few degrees per second.
  • RS-485 port for controlling the oven and for downloading firmware upgrades from a PC.
  • Built-in XTC-Profiler – a data logger collecting info from eight external thermocouples.
  • Ready to solder in Nitrogen environment.
  • Heating control by the temperature of the “K” thermocouple attached to the heated object and to TC-T (a connector on the right side of the oven).


An example of the heating and cooling od a tested multilayer board.


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