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Benchtop Reflow Oven JEM-210 w/Nitrogen

Manufacturer: OK Industries
Type: Benchtop Batch Reflow Oven
Model: JEM-210

System Features:

This Batch Oven has been specifically designed for use in low volume production and laboratory environments where precise and accurate heating is required. The unit has several unique features which enhance operation and provide the user with every possible aid. A viewing window provides observation while the heating process is being carried out, and a unique auto feed feature (JEM-210) automatically carriers the printed circuit board into and out of the oven, offering complete protection to PCB and operator. The built-in computer uses closed-loop monitoring to ensure absolute repeatability of temperature profiles. It also has the facility to store 400 profiles offering very quick profile changes. With the combination of quartz IR preheater and forced air heating, OK industries offers an extremely efficient oven to the electronics industry.


Technical Specifications

Reflow Chamber 8" x 11.25" (203 x 286 mm)
Heater Control Closed-Loop Thermocouple
Heater Subzone Reflow Quartz, IR Emitter Forced Convection
Convection Heater Power 2.4 KW
Temperature Range 50°C to 299°C
Power Requirements 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 A, Single Phase
Dimensions 19" x 28" x 8" (482 mm x 711 mm x 200 mm)
Drawer Type Automatic
Weight 62 lbs. (28 kg)
Display 80 character LCD
Memory 400 profile memory, 7 pre-programmed on receipt held in non-volatile memory




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JEM 210 Demo Unit OK Industries Low Cost unit . Run only few times. Has, not effecting operation, chipped corner of top panel. Great value for prototyping, pre-heating boards which are 8" x 11" or less. E-mail if interested.
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