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Hot Air Tool Precision-Adjustment Tool Holders

K-Series Tool Holders which provide X, Y and Q adjustments of hot air tool are designed to be mounted on a top platform of
an SMT-ServiCE, X-1000 Series Under Board Heaters or XS ESD Base. The holder keeps an XHT Series Hot Air Tool in a vertical position for precise component removal and installation operations. The hot air tool is held vertically to the work platform and bottom edges of any nozzle mounted on the tool are horizontal to a PCB, which is in a board holder placed on the work platform.
Rotate Z-axis Control Knob to raise or lower an XHT Series Hot Air Tool with a nozzle.

Hot Air Tool Precision-Adjustment Tool Holders with Auto Lift

Auto-Lift is an option recommended for use with FOCUS "X" based rework packages. After the reflow-zone is finished it automatically raises the component before the start of a cooling cycle. This option makes the removal of components semi-automatic saving operators time. Installation of this option on XK-Series Holders takes few minutes and does not require any tools.