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AI-10 Personal Ionizer

Neutralize Static Electricity

Prevent dust collection on your computer screen or, safely neutralize static on your work bench.

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  • Wrist straps
  • Heel and Toe Grounders
  • Field service kits and computer mats
  • Specialty wrist straps

  • Dual banana jack wrist strap grounding system
  • Ground cord for floor mats
  • Dual banana jack with female snap
  • etc.

  • Protective Lab Coats
  • Quality ESD Shoes
  • ESD Gloves
  • ESD Socks
  • Disposable shoe covers

  • ESD Chair with Foot Rest and Arm Rests
  • ESD Vinyl chair with pneumatic height adjustment
  • ESD Vinyl chair with foot rest and pneumatic height adjustment