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Technical Specifications:

Size(mm) :350*350*565
Capacity: 35L
Voltage: 120V or 230V/50Hz-60Hz
Power: 1250W
Power Cord lenghts: 4m
Hose length: 1.5m
Vacuum level: 18Kpa
Noize level: 82dBA (measured 1m from the unit with background noise 40db)
Surface Resistivity : 10E5~10E6 Ohms throughout entire system 

The ZeroCharge Series clean room vacuums come standard with:
- a true HEPA cartidge filter
- one bag for dry vacuuming
- 10" ESD safe hose
- 16" ESD safe rubber flexible gooseneck
- standard ESD safe utility brush (to clean large areas such as floors, raised floors, and tabletops)
- A sponge filter for wet vacuuming

The unit has built-in EMI/RFI filter  for safe use around electronic equipment.

Most frequent applications: 

- Board handling areas
- Equipment assembly cleaning
- Clean rooms cleaning  


  • True static safe design. All components are made from conductive plastic which is grounded and will not generate or accumulate static charges.
  • True high Capacity:  More than 9 gallons (35l). Largest capacity in its class.
  • Reasonable priced HEPA filters
  • Dry and wet vacuuming

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A-ESD-MVAC ESD Safe, The highest capacity unit in it's class on the market. Truly ESD safe in every inch. All component made of conductive compounds.
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